Join The Shul on the Beach for our weekly Shabbat Dinner!

  • We start off as usual which never means usual with great wine from Israel which takes us out of the mundane of the weekdays into the Holiness of Shabbos!
  • We continue by blessing HaShem and saying Ha Motzi the blessing over freshly baked Challahs.
  • Next to the Challahs ready at hand is freshly made hummus and garlic and extra virgin olive oil to dip into. A delight to the senses and a meal in itself for many.
  • Then a freshly tossed Green Salad.
  • The next course is the crowd favorite Morrocan salmon. Not to be missed!
  • The main course this week is in honor of Dovid Yisrael ben Shem Tov! My beloved father of Jay Davies.  Marinated Rib Eye Steak  paired with Sauteed Potatoes  and Onions!
  • For dessert we will surprise you with something very nice worthy of Shabbos!
    Looking forward to seeing you all there.
Weekly Shabbat Dinner

Shabbat Experience
Weekly shabbat dinners at the Shul. Enjoy a catered meal with a great selection of wine. Reserve here.

Rosh Chodesh Dinner
Once a month special Rosh Chodesh Dinner.

Shabbat Lounge
Once a month special Sushi & Sake Shabbat!


On the Historic Venice Beach boardwalk
505 Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach Boardwalk
phone 310 392-8749 •

Schedule (all events are at the Shul on the Beach)

Monday September 18th

7:00 am Slichos and Sharchris

Tuesday September 19th

7:00 am Slichos and Sharchris

Wednesday September 20th

7:00 am Slichos, Sharchris and Hattaras Nedarim

Rosh Hashanna

6:30 pm Mincha

645 pm Maariv of Rosh Hashannah

Thursday, Sept. 21st Rosh Hashanah (1st Day)

8:30 AM Shacharis
10:15 AM Torah Reading followed by light Kiddush
11:20 Dvar Torah
11:45 AM Shofar & Mussaf

6:30 PM Mincha
7:00 PM Tashlich at the Beach / Ma’ariv
7:29 PM Candlelighting (with Shehechiyanu)

Friday, Sept. 22nd Rosh Hashanah (2nd Day)

8:30 AM Shacharis
10:15 AM Torah Reading followed by light Kiddush
11:10 AM Dvar Torah
11:30 AM Shofar & Mussaf


Shabbat Shuvah – Ha’azinu

Friday Night September 22th Shabbos Shuva-Haazinu

Services Begin at 6:30 pm

reservations required for meals

(all food is strictly Kosher)

Saturday Morning September 16th

9:00 am Shachris

11:30 am approx. Kiddush

Saturday Evening

6:00 pm learning with the Rabbi

6:30 pm Mincha/Shalosh Seudas/Maariv

310 392-8749 or

Weekly Zmanim

Have your name or the names of your freinds and loved ones annouced in the month of the birthdays or anniverarys.  A nice way to give on that special day.