Weekly Shabbat Dinner

Shabbat Experience
Weekly shabbat dinners at the Shul. Enjoy a catered meal with a great selection of wine. Reserve here.

Rosh Chodesh Dinner
Once a month special Rosh Chodesh Dinner. Reserve Here.

Shabbat Lounge Friday Night “Sushi and Saké” or Saturday Night Melava Malka
Happens once a month on the first Friday or Saturday of the month. Reserve Here.

For Shabbat hospitality call the office at 310 392-8749 or email info@shulonthebeach.com based on availability.


On the Historic Venice Beach boardwalk
505 Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach Boardwalk
phone 310 392-8749 • office@pjcenter.com

Friday  Sep 21st


Parsha Ha’azinu

6:34 pm Candle lighting
6:35pm Mincha

6:55 pm Y’did Nefesh at the water’s edge (be prepared to walk on the sand)

7:20 pm Maariv

7:45 pm Shabbos Experience Dinner reserve here only $18.

Saturday  September 22nd


9:30 am Shachris
10:30 am approx Torah Reading

Noon Kiddush

6:15 pm Mincha

7:00 pm Seuda Shlishis

7:35 pm Maariv

8:00 pm Havdala


Weeky Schedule (all events are at the Shul on the beach unless noted otherwise)

Sunday morning 8:00 am Shacris

Monday 7:30 pm Parsha haShavuah through the lens of the Zohar with Yosef Beit-Halachmi

Tueday 8:00 pm Gamorrah Sota for men only with Rabbi Mechi Blau and  Rabbi Yoir Apter

Wednesday 7:30 T.O.W.N torah on wednesday night discussion on contemporary Jewish topics led by Rabbi Shalom Rubanowitz.  Generally held a private homes.

(for all classes please contact the office to verify they are on before coming.)


310 392-8749 or info@shulonhebeach.com